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How To Train A stubborn Dog | Learn Today August 2023

How To Train A stubborn Dog

How To Train A stubborn Dog | Learn Today August 2023

Have you lost your tamper with your stubborn dog? Have you got tired of mopping your wet carpet?  Are you still waiting for someone who will magically stop your stubborn dog barking at 2 am?  Now, do you want a break from dragging a stubborn dog tightly in a public place and having to tolerate a lot of embarrassment? Are all the above scenes possible?

Can I ever train my stubborn per dog? Training a rebellious god is truly hard. But now no need to worry. Here in this read, you will get some hilarious tips to control your mulish puppy.

So, what are you waiting for?  This reading is going to be very exciting. So, don’t try to skip reading. After completing this article, you will have some clues on training a stubborn dog. So, here we go.

What Is Mean, When Dog Owner Says “My Dog Hardheaded”?

Most of the time, dog owners think their pet is hardhearted and does not behave the way they want. According to a dog trainer, there is nothing like a stubborn dog or a hardhearted dog.

You are just dealing with an untrained dog. I mostly heard people saying my dog does not listen to me saying “sit” when my guest arrive to visit my home.

Hye!! Don’t worry; now, it does not mean that your dog is stubborn. He is excited. He sees too many exciting things around him, and he wants to play and enjoy those attractive things.

Sitting means he has to end all the things. It doesn’t signify your dog is stubborn. It significantly says that you are not done with the proper training.

It is not that easy for the dog to go ahead and calmly sit even when he has a massive environment full of distracting and exciting things. I don’t mean that sitting physically is hard for the dog and takes time to learn. It’s quite simple to sit for a dog.

So, the question why don’t they do that?

Let me tell you!!

It is not hardheadedness and not a matter of stubbornness of a dog. It’s all about your failure of training. Lack of training means he is unable to understand the owner’s instructions.

What do I mean by saying lack of training?

Ok, let me explain!!

Lack of training means that your dog is untrained to sit at the distracted phase. This thing most of the time labeled a dog hardheaded or stubborn.

Ok, let me give an example of a stubborn dog!!

Imagine you are walking with your dog, who is also pulled walking. Even it’s very easy for the dog to walk unpulled, your dog wanted to go fast; wanted to go far.

Even it would be much more comfortable for the dog to walk on a loosening leash. Because tight leash means dig is having to work harder. Persistent dragging is much more painful. Dog’s nack muscles much be hurting.

So, why not dog take a loose leash walk even when it’s more comfortable to enjoy walking calmly. So, the dog is still pulling the leash even when getting hurt? He must be stubborn?? Right??

Wrong!! Your dog is overexcited. He wanted to explore what was next to the grass. He is excited to know who peed over their neighbours’ mailbox. In short, your dog is getting hyperactive, and he cants wait to add his scent to the neighbour’s mailbox.

Your dog is not at all stubborn or hardheaded and is not listing to you. Your dog is just hyper or overly excited.

But yes, it’s easier for the owner to blame their do.

Instead of blaming, the owner should spend more time teaching and training their dog.

How To Control And Train Your Dog?

Living with a Dog is not always fun. This cute furry friend sometimes needs to correct its behavior.

But!!! Is there any way to discipline your dog? Some people think punishment is the only way to control your dogs. But some say to use the positive reinforcement method. If you encourage your dog’s good behaviour, it can save you from difficulties in the long run.

So it’s necessary to learn efficient ways and techniques of train a stubborn dog.

Is Punishment A Good Method

Before discussing a different effective method to train a stubborn dog, let’s talk about punishment and its effects on pet animals.

The word punishment is often used when we want to say discipline your pet, and in this regard, we harm the animal, thinking that it makes the pet dog disciplined. But instead of that, we have two aspects of punishment. Positive and negative both.

  • Convert into positive obedience behaviour.
  • Aversive adherence discipline

Suppose we choose the aversive way to make our dog obedient through pain. Remember that it’s only cruelty and harshness toward the innocent pet. And believe it. This method does not train dogs. It’s a completely ineffective way.

Instead of this harmful punishment, you can choose a human method to punish. Try to use beneficial reinforcement to train your pet dog. It’s a more productive and effective way to train.

You can simply punish your pet dog by taking away its gadgets. There are many more ways to gundogs dogs constructively.

So, keep reading to know what those constructive punishment methods can help to train a stubborn dog. Here we go.

Constructive Punishment

We understand that harmful punishment can not train a stubborn dog, and they will never get disciplined. Constructive methods of punishment will help your pet dog to learn through conditioning.

In this way, dogs will quickly understand what is allowed and banned. Here are some techniques that are considered constructive and positively beneficial.


You can use the time-out trick to make your dog feel that it did something wrong. Its works when your dog does some unwanted behaviour.

You take immediate action of isolating your dog for a while or taking away some gadgets that it likes. It will help it understand what it should do and what is not. It will reduce the dog’s unwanted behaviours.

Use Your Voice

The next effective punishment is to use your voice to control your untrained pet dog. Whenever your dogs start doing some bad, use your voice to stop the dog from doing that. Make your dog used to hearing your voice and understanding your hand movements.

It is the most effective way to train a stubborn dog to behave rather than beating or hitting your dog. In this way, your pet will not get afraid of you or resist coming in your contact. This behaviour makes it closer to you but obedient also.

Taking Their Toys Away

When your dog miss behaves, you can punish it by taking away your dog’s favourite toys. It will work when you stop your pet dog from doing something unwanted, and it doesn’t behave accordingly.

Try to stop it by using your voice, and when it doesn’t respond, take away the toys with that your dog is playing. It will make it noticed for the dog that he is stopped from doing something.

You can repeat this act again and again. And remember one thing training takes time. Never think to get immediate results. By the time your pet dog starts understanding and behaving accordingly.

Don’t Give Attention When Misbehave

Another thing that has to be kept in practice. Never give attention when your dog is doing unwanted behaviour. Yes, it’s true ignoring any missive thing done by your dog is not that easy. But believe it, your pets are just like a child.

They also feel everything and love it to grab your attention every time that the reason when you see your dog doing something wrong try not to see it doing that.

One more thing you have to keep in your mind that never laugh at any misbehaving of your dog. It will make your dog feel that they are entertaining and doing something so funny that the reason when you stop; it doesn’t respond.

So try not to give attention when dogs are behaving unwantedly.

All the tips mentioned above are very effective and work productively. And don’t worry about all the points mentioned above, considered human. Acting on the above point will not get your dog scared of you, and your dog will start obeying you and understand your hand movement and voice. They will know that what won’t be tolerated is doing that thing.

Are There Any Effects of Spanking?

Most of the time, people things that by spanking actions, they can control their dog. But actually, what happens is that this type of punishment severely damages your relationship with your pet dog.

Most of the time, it affects your dog’s behaviour and arises some typical behavioural issues.

If you are trying to train your dogs with spanking or hitting actions, it may cause some issues that are mentioned below:

Fear and Insecurity

If you think you can control your pet dog by hitting and threatening, you are wrong. In this way, your dog gets afraid of you and starts feeling insecure. In this way, the relationship between you and your pet dog will spoil. It creates the greatest bad effects on the pet’s nature. They will stop playing freely or maybe become wilder and disobedient.

Run Away From You

When you hit your dog with any unwanted behaviour, your dog will not understand what you are trying to tell it. Your pet dog will start hiding from you and run away.

Animals are innocent. They do not tolerate beating or spanking. They will never like it at all.

These types of actions are vulnerable. Dogs can be trained with soft actions and love because they can understand your love and reply to it with love and obedience, so never try to train your dog with spanking or threatening.

Show Aggressiveness

When you treat your pet with anger and show your finger or any stick for threatening, your pet will start showing aggressiveness. The effect of controlling with hitting or spanking actions is totally against what you want from this behaviour.

If you are beating or hitting your pet dog, it does not mean that you are training your dogs or addressing them to behave accordingly.

It straightly means that you are teaching your dog that you are a source of only pain.

And the reaction is your pet will start peeing more, not listening to you, and start excessive barking at you, snatching food, and running away. Most of the time, dogs will snatch the food from the counter and from the bag or the containers that you are holding.

So, it just happened because of the wrong handling of your pet.

If you want to make your pet dog learns discipline with force and harsh punishment, its only means that you are making your dog more confusing and scared.


Because you are trying to condition your per dog that you are the source of pain. It will only expect pain from you, not love. In this, the dogs will not get trained to behave in s good manner. They learn to get afraid or scared of you and get more confused with their behaviour.


Yes. Its true spending time with such an untrained dog is truly unbearable. But treating your dog with anger to make them learn how to behave is not a good idea at all. Like a human, you have to deal with some love and softness.

Try to make your dog used to listing to your voice. Understanding your movement and dogs should know what you like or whatnot.

While on the other hand, if you want to train a puppy, don’t Panic. It will take a long time. Training a young dog is quite easy, but it doesn’t mean that all the processes will be out of issues.  Puppies are at the learning stage and in the developing phase. They need time to learn. So, be patient while training them.