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Methods of Dog Pregnancy Test At Home | Learn More

Dog Pregnancy Test At Home

Methods of Dog Pregnancy Test At Home | Learn More

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Are you considering getting a puppy for your pet? A dog’s gestation period is approximately 63 days, which is the period from the day of ovulation (the release of the egg) to the birthday of a puppy. Like humans, dogs are pregnant for about 21 days in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Dog Pregnancy Sign

The following signs will tell you a puppy is on its way.

  • A small amount of secretion may occur about one month after mating.
  • About 30 days after mating, the nipples become prominent in color and size and may even secrete a translucent fluid.
  • Similar to morning sickness in women, your dog may vomit a little during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you continue to vomit or have other concerns, talk to your veterinarian.
  • Your dog starts gaining weight around day 35 of her pregnancy, and this gradually increases until she reaches 150% of her average weight.
  • From day 40, you may notice swelling in your tummy, but new moms and the little rash bitch don’t change much.
  • They may be calmer or less temperamental than usual. These signs may indicate a problem. Ask your vet if you are worried.
  • Do not forget that the appetite of pregnant dogs increases in the second half of pregnancy, and accordingly, the diet should be changed.

Veterinarians can confirm pregnancy with a “dog pregnancy test” that measures hormone levels after day 21 to 25 of pregnancy or by ultrasonography after day 20 to 22. After the 30th day, the vet may perform a physical examination to determine how many puppies your dog is expecting. This test is not always accurate, so you may find that you have more puppies than you expected.

First Requirement

A dog’s pregnancy usually lasts 61 to 65 days, but you may not notice any noticeable physical changes in the dog until the late stages of the dog pregnancy. There is no such thing as a dog home pregnancy test, so you will want to know how to tell if your dog is pregnant.

Methods Dog Pregnancy Test At Home

You can find out if your dog is pregnant in several ways: One of the best ways is for you for accurate results.


Hormone test

Some tests can detect a dog’s pregnancy by looking for a relaxation hormone. 25-30 days of pregnancy. On the next day, a veterinarian may do a blood test to measure the hormone levels in the dog to see if the dog is producing the hormone relaxin. The test is relatively accurate because relaxin is only produced during pregnancy.

Witness the relaxation test

After four weeks of pregnancy, you can have your vet run an inexpensive relaxation test to test for the presence of loosening. Relaxin is a hormone that is only released during pregnancy.

Caring for a pregnant dog

Once you determine that your dog is pregnant, you can take a few steps to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Traditional method

The traditional method of detecting a dog’s pregnancy is to carefully palpate the abdomen (lightly press the surface of the abdomen with a finger) to detect swelling of the uterus, which indicates the presence of a developing puppy. This method depends on the dog’s temperament, physique, physical condition, the timing of palpation (optimal time is 3.5 to 5 weeks), number of fetuses, and experience. Papers. Palpation is unreliable for determining fetal viability.

The abdominal X-ray helps to detect pregnancy in the last trimester of pregnancy (3 weeks before the kitten) when the pup’s bone structure is visible. A puppy’s viability can often be determined, but this can be difficult. For example, if a mature puppy dies suddenly in the womb, it is difficult to detect with X-rays.

Abdominal ultrasonography is the most reliable way to detect and monitor pregnancy. Developing embryos can be detected three weeks after reproduction, and fetal survival can be measured throughout pregnancy. Ultrasound is the “gold standard” for detecting pregnancy and assessing fetal survival.


dog X-ray

Regular vet visits

If you’re planning to breed your dog, it’s essential to keep him up to date on vaccinations and schedule a veterinarian’s appointment for a prenatal checkup. The vet will check for intestinal parasites with a stool test and possibly dehydrate them before mating during this visit. If your dog is already pregnant, the vet will check for any complications or hangovers that could hinder your pregnancy.

It would help if you also used this time to consult your veterinarian for the best pre-pregnancy care and practical tips for dealing with emergencies during pregnancy. If the pregnancy was an accident, future measures such as castration of the dog should be discussed.

visit dog vaccinations

Daily Exercise

Before training a dog, the vet may recommend limiting vigorous physical activity for the first two weeks. It is designed to enhance embryo implantation. However, once your dog becomes pregnant, you should resume regular activity until he is hungry. Second, you should reduce exercise and limit it to frequent short walks during the last period. At this point, it needs the energy to carry the puppy.

Daily dog Exercise

Proper Nutrition

Your dog must be adequately fed during pregnancy. If you already have a healthy and nutritious diet, you do not need to make any changes unless directed by your veterinarian. Avoid increasing the amount of food you eat regularly at this stage as it can be harmful. If your dog gains a lot of weight early on, you risk experiencing dystocia (birth disorder/difficulty).

You can gradually increase your food intake during the last few weeks of pregnancy until you finally start eating about 35-50% more. Remember that large meals can be uncomfortable for your dog. Therefore, it is recommended to give a small meal regularly.


dog Nutrition


Pregnancy can be stressful for dogs and their owners, but it doesn’t have to be. The earlier you know about your dog’s pregnancy, the more prepared you will be to take care of her. For more information about canine pregnancy, talk to your veterinarian.